Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY Curtain Rod & Brackets

I've been making plans to transform my son's room into a "big boy" room.  I like the idea of a rustic lodge theme for his room.  There's always good inspiration to be found at "Rate My Space":
Kaison's big boy room
Jack's Bedroom: Before & After
Rustic Fishing

I was browsing Dollarama one day when I saw a collection of rustic-looking walking sticks standing in an open box.  I immediately thought that two of them connected together would make a great (and frugal) curtain rod.  Each one was 36" long.  I sweet-talked Hubby into cutting about 5" of each one and drilling a hole into the end of each one.  At first, I tried connecting them with a piece of 1/4 " wood dowel, but it wasn't strong enough and so I ended up using a piece of threaded 5/16" metal rod instead.
Then I had to come up with a way of making brackets for the curtain rod.  I picked up a package of two ugly brass coat hooks from Dollarama.  I cut a couple of small wooden blocks and painted them and the hooks black.  I found some screws that were longer than the ones that came with the hooks.  I wanted the screws to be long enough to go throught the wooden block and into the wall beyond.  If the hooks were mounted directly on the wall, the curtain rod would have been too close to the wall.

The "handle" on each walking stick, makes a perfect finial.  I spent $3.75 on the two walking sticks and the one package of coat hooks.  I already had the black paint and the curtain rings.

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